Sunday, 22 May 2011

Motivation, motive + action


This Article copied from facebook page by Tan Teng Han on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 10:31am.

Penulis artikel ini adalah remaja yg punya motivasi dan cara berfikir yg 'excellent'. I have to admit that I've learned a lot from his writings/articles. i.e how to write better. But the most important thing about this friendship is we respect each other despite of the differences in religion and culture.


Starring at the thing you want the most, and then you make a promise towards yourself that you’ll work hard for it. Just that simple, you call it MOTIVATION, a “Motive” that leads to your “Action”. That is the spirit that keeps human going on, on and on, unstoppable…

It burns like FIRE; the motives secured the endless burning of our strong will to continue living. The spirit, the will, the dreams! The power has never been any stronger. But life is never smooth, as the motivation may change or lost into nowhere. But motivations are always where there are, just that whether you can find it to work on you. Whatever the obstacles, we break it through, burn it down!

It chills like ICE; the motives hold us in the circumstances of impossible, it makes us survive in all the harsh surrounding, we can bite our fist and just pace another step forward. No fear, no regrets, never give up! The great motivation! We take on every challenge by believing that something lies behind the mountain, over the dessert, although there is nothing to be seen on the way! Oh the smiles of our love ones, a better life in the future, yet so fancy, it kept us going. 

Life goes on, it continues…

Talking about what we want in life, or what we are looking for, in or after the process, it just cannot be defined. But it is a miracle. Those who have a motivation, they will have the will to work harder, put in greater effort to achieve their dreams. In contrast, those who don’t they are blind and worked reluctantly, aimlessly, and not knowing what they want. Whenever we fall down, the motivation pulled us up and continue, but the lost of motivation just break our ankles and made us kneel, of desperation. The lost of motivation is the real challenge, the real task, the tough test to see if you can continue like usual; to continue, just squad down, draw an arrow on the floor, sigh, take a deep breathshout out loud, you stand up, you continue to look for a new oneYAH! 

"Eventhough you're lost in a desserted island, never give up! Someone's waiting for you at the harbour!"


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