Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Smile (^_^)

Smile can, sometimes, change the world.

The truth smile, precious smile, smiles from the truth heart.

Well, when is that last time you smile to a stranger, and what makes you smile to the stranger? Or do you smile to strangers? Most probably you don't, I believe that's our social culture isn't it? But please place more smiles, or at least give it out in a more generous manner. Smile is definitely the initial in social skills, ain't?

Smile is adorable, smile makes difference, smile is holy and beauty. You like to see your love ones smile, don't you? If you are happy to see them smile, you smile when you're happy, correct? In contrast, do you feel depressed or uneasy when you see your beloved stopped smilling and bend the lips downwards? Yes, definitely. Their sad face may probably pull your lips down as well. Wonder why smiles are such a miracle? Wonder why a physical change in the shape of a part of the face will strike through the emotion of everyone? We shall say that, it is not about how beautiful the motion is, but the expression that the motion has brought to our mind. It shows happiness, it shows affections, it shows total peace of mind. Gee the soul sooths!

A girl look prettier when she smiles.
A guy look more confident when he smiles.

Different way of smilling, different way of expression, different way of feelings. Smile is the universal Language of happiness. You may not understand a language, you may not know what another tribe and race trying to say, you may not understand a person with different language, but, you understand their smile. Smiles crossed nations, races, ethnics, religions, and cultures. Cheers!

The most beautiful smiles came from the innocent people, especially the childrens. Their smiles are truth, the direct relection from the heart, simply shines. We smile, smile to those who understand our smile, smile to those who loved our smiles, smile to those who worth our smile. Understand or not, I know; love or not, I can feel; worth it or not, it's my own measurement to be taken. Love the Smile~

"Keep your smiles, always; or at least to your loved ones and beloved."


Yeah, a wink seals smiles with perfection!


daniel yusof said...

the writer's beloved father was passed away this evening... please recite al fatihah..
dr, sy harap, dr tabah hadapi semua tahu, dr seorg yg kuat

Syafiqah binti Abdul Razak said...

Al-fatihah =)takziah utk keluarga madam=)

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