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This article is from the courtesy of Tan Teng Han on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 3:02pm

There was a law student in a University. He is not the kind of student who simply study just to get a degree and work as a lawyer, thus gaining high social status; he study law, with a great dream to make the world just better. "Try to leave this world a little better than you found it ." the Scout motto, by Lord Baden Powell.

Well, he did read the novel Utopia, which said that:" The first thing we do, we kill all the Lawyers." He was quite determined to break this "curse" on lawyers.

One day, just after finishing his lecture, he walked along the lonely path in the woods, on his back to the cottage he's living in. He was puzzled by the question thrown to him by the Professor, thinking hard, deep in his mind. As he walked, slowly, through the shades of the trees; he stood for a while, looking at the big cockroach on the tree, suddenly an old man overtook his way. The old man littered a packaging paper on the path while walking down the path. The student yelled:"Sir, will you excuse me?" The old man turned around:"May I help you son?"

"Sir, if you may, kindly... Please pick up your litter and dispose it somewhere else."
"Lovely kid, why won't you pick it up?"

"Sorry sir, you're the one who left your litter here, and I truly believe you have the reponsibility to pick it up.""Nice, if you don't want this paper to be on the route, why won't you pick it up yourself?" '

"I'm sorry sir, I don't think I'm in the mood of debating with you, it is your litter and please kindly pick it up."
"Oh dear, you're a lawyer in the making, don't you? Why not take this a chance to train youself for your future? Will you just pick up the paper for me to learn a good lesson from me?"

"Sir, I'm not trying to be rude. But it is my principle not to bow against wrong deed. It is your fault to litter and we've made law to prevent people from littering."
"Then will you tell me why you want to stop people from littering?"

"Obviously Sir! We want our enviroment to be clean, please don't be ridiculous!"
"Son, I'll pick this thing myself. But actually you loose the debate..."

The student was shocked by the words, panic, and stopped the old man from leaving.

"If you're testing me sir, I'm sorry. But please tell me what mistake I've done? What do you mean?"
"What if you didn't see the person who littered? Are you going to track the person? Identify the fingerprint? You've drifted away from your first intention to ensure the enviroment is clean, don't you? It is not the point who littered, but if the street is clean or not. You gain the merit when you picked up the litter, you've made the stree clean. That's what you really wished isn't it? Or is it better waiting for the person who did the "crime" to be arrest? It satisfy? Think over it. "

The young student was left behind.


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