Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dedicated to All Teachers and Lecturers, in the past, present and future

A Teacher's Creed by Julie McClellan

I believe I have been called by God to teach.
I believe in children...young and and and poor....each in need of learning.
I believe in blackboards, chalk dust, textbooks, and computers for each has a part in imparting knowledge.
I believe the love I give to my students will someday be reflected in their lives.
I believe the gift of teaching is not measured simply by marks, enrollment, or the end of the school year.
It is in the witness I give and the fullness of the life lived by those I teach.
I believe I have the power to lead those in need of learning to the threshold of their own minds.
I believe in my giftedness to use each of the tools available no matter how new or old..for the light of knowledge in the eyes of another is my goal.
I believe teaching is more than tests, diplomas, paperwork, and fundraising.
It is the values I breathe daily into another...slowly.
It is in the faith I share in Allah s.w.t...ever changing and growing...never ending.
I believe my success today goes unnoticed...until those i teach and touch can stand alone and say "in my life I have learned..."
I believe if I have taught and touched one God's name...
I have used my gift to me justly..and can humbly say...
I believe in teaching....


Riz Zaidi said...

baru tahu madam ada blog :)

Anonymous said...

Riz Zaidi..maafkan saya, sebab dah lama tak menjenguk blog sendiri.baru hari ni membaca semua komen-komen di blog yg tidak seberapa ini. all the best.

ermizamustafa said...

Salam mdm...

Menarik sgt blog pun tidak pernah tahu mdm ada blog...izinkan saya link kan blog mdm ini ke blog saya...

Terima kasih,saya akan ziarah lagi ke sini...Insya Allah

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